Victim's mother was not aware of daughter's death

Victim's mother was not aware of daughter's death

Cauvery was one of 19 victims of serial killer Mohan Kumar

Cauvery’s mother Chomu along with daughter-in-law and grand daughter

She was inconsolable when she heard the death of her daughter Cauvery. There was none to console her other than her daughter-in-law Leelavathi.

Though the news of Mohan Kumar killing 18 girls was flashed in media two days ago, Chomavva was not aware of it. When she heard the news on Friday, she was speechless for few minutes. Cauvery did not return home after attending brother-in-law’s son’s marriage in Mulleria of Kasargod eight months ago. Though we tried calling her mobile, none received the call. The family believed that she must be leading a happy life after marrying someone. However, when the news of Mohan Kumar’s arrest was published and the whole village was shocked.

“The ‘sinner’ who killed my daughter should be killed. I will not be satisfied with any other punishment given to him,” said Chomavva.

Cauvery was working in the house of Bhaskara Master in Doddadka near Peraje. The whole village had good opinion on Cauvery. Several times, she had rejected the proposals for marriage. She used to tell parents that she will marry only after getting a government job.

Nobody knows how Mohan Kumar lured her. It is a tragedy that she fell prey to the hands of Kumar after attending a marriage. She had taken along with her her brother and sister-in-law’s ring, a golden chain of neighbour. Only Mohan Kumar has to tell where are all these jewellery.”

Poor family

Cauvery is the daughter of Manku and Chomu couple. Manku had passed away five years ago. They are a family of five with two girls and three boys. Elder son Babu lives separately. The family is very poor and depend on other two sons Sridhar and Sundar. One daughter has been married to Mulleria. Though missing case was filed in Madikeri, Sullia, Sampaje and Bantwal, all were in vain. They had stopped searching for her.