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Last Updated 24 March 2013, 14:08 IST

Class and richness – that’s what Louis Philippe is all about. In fact, when crafting something new, the design team emphasises the light and fresh colours, luxurious materials, new patterns and tailored styles that come together for the perfect outfit.

Blending colour and design

Louis Philippe has introduced its latest ‘Spring Summer 13’ collection to the market. The clothes are characterised by new lines, lightness and colour. The latest collection is steeped in refined, unconstrained and a richly-detailed sense of elegance. Samrat Som, director, marketing and creative, business head, footwear and accessories, Louis Philippe, says that the collection draws its inspiration from the landscapes of Italy and Monaco.

“The designs combine the classic taste with measured traces of non-conformity and colours like coral, turquoise, yellow and apple green. The season is replete with new fabrics, such as luxurious silks, that are styled to reflect a sense of modernity and yet stay rooted in a tradition of tailored, well-made clothes,” reasons Samrat. He further points out that Louis Philippe symbolises class, status and a lifestyle that is distinctly majestic and opulent.

“Garments under this label combine the finest fabrics with designs that are inspired by the latest global trends, addressing the needs of the style-conscious contemporary male,” he adds. The design team of the brand keeps a constant watch on the key changes and also analyses the emerging trends and introduces the same into the collection. Samrat also points out that the brand works continuously on creating a certain newness in their perspective of fashion.

Accessories, he adds, form an important part of dressing up. The best add-ons to the collection, feels Samrat, are soft linen scarves, checked ties and printed pocket squares. Men who love to dress up must always complete the look with the right pair of shoes. The clothes at this brand are for those who are willing to experiment and explore designs.

“This is a brand for the truly discerning and is the ideal companion for those who have ‘arrived’ in life,” he observes.

Samrat shares that the brand stocks an envious line of casual wear as well as options in the super-premium segment. “The target group is the status-conscious male, who falls in the age group of 25 to 40 years old,” he wraps up.

Bharath Stanly, II year, Mallige College of Pharmacy, wore a checked shirt and light brown
chinos from the sports collection.

Punchline: “The clothes are not only stylish but comfortable as well. They are designed in keeping with the latest in fashion. I could wear it to an
informal get together.”

Price: Chinos (Rs 2,299); shirt (Rs 1,999) and shoes (Rs 4,799).

Darshan Chandrappa, III year BCA, PES College, wore a light pink shirt
and denims from the sports collection.

Punchline: “The collection has an interesting rangeand is also attractive. I really like their clothes.”

Price: Shirt ( Rs 2,299); denims (Rs 2,299) and loafers (Rs 4,299).

Varun V N, I year MBA, CMRIT, wore a white shirt, black trousers and a grey waistcoat from the formal wear collection. 

Punchline: “To me, fashion is all about how creatively you dress up with whatever you have. As a student of business management, formal attire is my
pick for any occasion.

It seems like this outfit is customised for me and it fits me perfectly.”

Price: Shirt (Rs 2,899); trouser (Rs 1,799); waistcoat (Rs 2,995) and shoes (Rs 3,999).

Aqib Faraaz, III year BBM, Indian Academy, wore a white shirt, grey trousers
and a blazer from the luxure collection. 

Punchline: “The grey suit, which has a perfect fit, makes me feel comfortable and confident. This is the kind of suit that every man would want to own.”

Price: Shirt (Rs 4,400); trouser and blazer (Rs 36,000) and shoes (Rs 7,000).

Atul, a professional, wore an off-white blazer from the sports collection, with a turquoise shirt and denims from the mainline collection.

Punchline: “The brand stocks some of the best in formal and casual wear. When I wear this semi-formal outfit, I feel like I am on a holiday. It’s comfortable and stylish.”

Price: Blazer (Rs 6,995); shirt  (Rs 2,799); denims (Rs 2,499) and shoes (Rs 4,499).

Ravin Geo V, II year MBA, CMRIT, wore a light blue linen shirt from the mainline collection and white linen pants from the sports collection. 

Punchline: “The formal outfit, finely crafted from linen, is pretty comfortable. The outfit perfectly suits my taste for fashion.”

Price: Linen shirt (Rs 2,799); linen pants ( Rs 2,799) and black sandals (Rs 2,999).

(Published 24 March 2013, 14:08 IST)

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