Vinod Raj and Ashwini in ‘Yaaradu’.

The title ‘Yaaradu’ is a misnomer for this film. The latest offering from Leelavathi Combines makes a refreshing departure from its staple offerings: A taut thriller, backed by excellent locales, background score and an intelligent camera.

A film from this banner is never complete without some obligatory references to people living and dead, but such references, for once, are kept at a bare minimum - a wise decision.

The story of revenge with a touch of the supernatural is told in such a way that it keeps the viewers engrossed till about thirty minutes past interval. It is only after the introduction of actress Ashwini, that the film begins to meander, but credit to the director for coming up with a decent enough climax.

The film is not without its loopholes, with several links left unexplained in a way too obvious manner. Then again, the protagonist of the film is not Special Investigating Officer Pratap (Vinod Raj - who is earlier called an Inspector!) but Vijay, the Home Minister’s nephew (ably portrayed by Suman) who displays most of the qualities in a hero, but alas, on the wrong side of law.

Next up for acting honours is veteran actress Leelavathi, who has also penned the story. Hers is an especially pleasing, toned down performance, coming across as a lovable grandma and a shocking surprise in the climax! Vinod Raj gets his due in two numbers with some peppy moves.

G Akhil’s music has a soul of its own, which comes to life at critical moments, supplementing Nagesh Acharya’s cinematography and the DI work thereafter. ‘Yaaradu’ definitely scores.