A scene from the film ‘G- Force’.

The FBI is not convinced about the field operational capabilities of ‘G-Force’  unit – a secret team of three genetically-engineered guinea pigs and a mole.

However, Darwin (voiced by Rockwell) leads Juarez (Cruz), Blaster (Morgan), and tech-wiz Speckles (Cage) to get their due recognition as one of the best US secret service teams when they find out that electronics giant chief executive officer Saber (Nighy) is planning to control consumers by activating a secret chip secretly placed in the company’s appliances over the years.

Walt Disney Pictures’ ‘G-Force’ is perfect for younger children in the age group of 4-12 years.

The plot is simple, animation seamless even in the 2-D format and it has a riotous script which is voiced by a talented cast.

As the film is very clear about its target audience – younger kids – trying to convince young adults or teens to watch this film can be a bit embarrassing since most have seen animals talking and doing gravity-defying stunts and so forth.

But for kids, talking guinea pigs doing James Bond stunts, fartings, sliding down a pipe etc., can be very funny. The tricks employed are simple and predictable, yet they are time-tested to bring smiles on the faces of kids.

‘G-Force’ is a wholesome family entertainer and parents can proudly take their children to watch it without having any second thought.