Girl injured in attack

Girl injured in attack

An SSLC student was allegedly attacked by a jilted lover in K G Nagar on Monday.

Vinutha, a student of Girls’ High School in K G Nagar and a resident of Lakshmipura, was rushed to a nearby hospital. “It is a superficial injury and we are treating her as an inpatient,” said a doctor who had attended to her. “She is perfectly fine and is likely to be discharged on Tuesday.”

The K G Nagar police secured the suspect — Santosh (alias Appi), 22 — and handed him over to the Hanumanthnagar police who arrested him later, police said.

Police said Santosh, an orphan, had fallen in love with Vinutha when she was a student at a school in Hanumanthanagar. “She reciprocated and would often go out with him,” police said.

“Her parents, however, did not approve of Santosh, especially of his bad habits such as drinking, and changed Vinutha’s school in an attempt to end the relationship. The couple responded by eloping twice, although they always returned home. In a final bid, Vinutha’s parents decided to arrange her wedding as early as possible,” police added.
Investigating officers said that Santosh, now employed as a car driver, was upset by the news that her father sought to have her married to someone else.

Angry bout

The incident occurred when Vinutha was walking towards the Ramakrishna Ashram with two of her friends. Santosh, who was inebriated and had been following her, stopped the group near Javare Gowda Circle around 2.45 pm and demanded to know how Vinutha could marry another man.

Suddenly, he picked up a scrap of iron lying on the road, and tried to slit her throat before she could answer. Attracted by her cries for help, several pedestrians caught Santosh and beat him up before handing him over to police.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Vinutha has denied knowing Santosh and said she did not have an affair with anyone. Vinutha’s father is a tax inspector with BBMP and has two daughters. “Vinutha is the eldest,” police said.