Sailing the blues of life

Last Updated 29 March 2013, 14:23 IST

Depression is a state of mind under which a person looses interest in everything and goes through a lot of sadness.

All three aspects of a person’s life - health, career, and relationship get affected by depression. It can eat up a person’s happiness with no joy left in life.  Generally people realize that they are suffering from depression only when it reaches at peak. Somehow we tend to ignore the early signs of it. It becomes tricky to handle it when it is properly established. This shows how ignorant we are related to our mental issues.

 Alternative therapies offer useful tips in healing depressions. If you feel lonely, sad and feel that you have no interest in anything, also you feel that your energy levels are low most of the time then you might be suffering from depression. Depression has cycles (or periods) and like a rotating wheel, when it goes down one feels very depressed and useless.

It is known as Blue Period. And within a few days as the wheel starts coming up one starts feeling happy and the happiness is at its peak as the wheel is up. It is called Happy Period. But it is not the actual happiness, rather it is a part of depression! Soon after this when the wheel goes down you again start feeling depressed. This period differs in every one.

For the people who have light depression the gap between blue period to happy period is long and blue period does not last for more days. If ignored for longer time the gap between blue period to happy period decreases and blue period lasts for longer time, sometime a month or more. Generally this is the time when people start seeking help due to the mental resignation which compels them in being non functional in their daily routine. Working with sub conscious mind can heal the depression and open new dimensions in life. Mind is a wonderful tool for removing an unwanted situation in life and replacing it with something more meaningful in nature.

If you want to heal depression through your sub conscious mind then you need to start it during the happy period. Calculate your cycle and find out when approximately you have happy period and more or less for how many days it lasts. Once you know this then study your own life and chalk it out in a way as if it were a movie’s theme and you are just a witness. When you become a witness then it would be easier for you to find out actually what is causing your depression. Make a note of all the reasons you feel are causing your depression. Now, focus on the source of all these reasons. Most probably it will be one among these:

Lonliness: It happens when the relationship aspect in your life is not working. Feeling of being alone creeps up when you lack support or when you do too much alone in life. Working on your relationships can be helpful but depending on them emotionally is not very good for emotional wellbeing. Apart from creating a balance in your current relationships, try to reach out to the world through your work or talent. Respect and honor your individuality and that of others as well.

Seeking approval: Emotional wellness depends a lot on how much useful we feel in our life. It happens when we are connected with our work and relate it with our life. When we work or perform to gain approval of others then we do not find our life meaningful. Lack of meaningfulness in life leads to depression. Try to create meaning in your chosen field of work.

Childhood issues: Depression can also stem from conflicts of childhood, which are completely forgotten by conscious mind, but remain buried deep in our sub conscious. Healing those childhood issues are very important for a vibrant and healthy life. A lot of self help is available for this purpose. Associate yourself with people who are creative and non judgmental and create a friendly environment around you.

Start working with yourself when you have happy period and keep it up even if you feel like giving up during blue period. After sometime you will notice that gap is increasing between blue period and happy period.  Soon you will be out of it.

(Published 29 March 2013, 14:23 IST)

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