Students suffer due to official's blunder

Students suffer due to official's blunder

Tutorials were given certificates as recognition instead of registration

Deccan Herald had reported earlier this month that there were tutorials in the City, which were masquerading as engineering colleges and portraying their registration as recognition.

One such tutorial Vignaan Institute of Aeronautical Engineering and Technology shut shop after the report appeared. Another tutorial at Nagarabhavi had also closed shop after a civil suit of cheating was filed by students against the institution.

The Vignaan institute and two other tutorials were the only tutorials, which were registered with the directorate. In the original registration certificate awarded to the tutorials back in September 2006, a joint director at the department had wrongly worded ‘registration’ as ‘recognition’.

The error was identified and corrected only in November 2007 when a corrigendum was sent to the tutorials to correct the word ‘recognised’ as ‘registered.’

However, sources within the directorate informed Deccan Herald, that the tutorials continued to use the original certificate to mislead ignorant mofussil students. The source also added that the tutorials had used the wrongly worded original certificates to charge enormous fees (in excess of Rs 1.3 lakh per year).

Meanwhile, the directorate re-registered and allowed the Vignaan institute to change its name in May this year from Institute of Aeronautical and Marine Engineering.
This, after several students had filed a case against the tutorial on grounds that the institution had led them into believing that they were indeed an engineering college. But the case was dismissed after the complainants failed to show up during a hearing.
According to reliable sources, the registration was granted despite a clear lack of necessary infrastructure, manpower and several doubts existing about the management of the tutorials.