Switching roles with ease

Even as he plays an innocent intellectual and an MA gold medalist, who ends up using other means to survive, in Sumana Kittur’s Kallare Santhe, he also dons the role of a totally laidback, carefree and a dominating orphan in Prakash’s Gokula.

These days, all his energy is spent on Purushotam’s Modala Sala, where he gets to play a hyper-active Mr
Perfect or the dream boy of every woman. So which one does he relate to most? “Actually, there are parts of me in every movie. So far, I don’t think I have played a role where I can point out and say, ‘that’s me’,” says Yash.

Switching from one character to another can be mentally strenuous. So Yash makes plans while signing the films.

“One can’t do justice by taking on too many roles at one go. I generally start on a film as soon as one is getting over. Since Gokula and Kallare Santhe are almost done, I am now devoting myself to Modala Sala,” he adds.

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