Nurturing creative thinking

Nurturing creative thinking

Every problem has a key. It is up to us to use the right one to unlock the same. Resourceful people have the knack of getting out of tricky situations by thinking out of the box. Stories of Birbal, Tenali Rama, Naseeruddin Hodja et al regale us with episodes, where thinking creatively has proved to be a panacea for many a problem. Courage, vision, intellect and skill are the distinguished features of an ingenious thinker.

One can find all the hallmarks of a high flier in the character and deeds of Hanuman. When Anjaneya was commissioned to look for Sita beyond the southern seas, he did not have much idea of what was in store for him on the way. The ocean was punctuated with friends and foes who helped and hindered his mission. He overcame every one of them with a sense of determination and presence of mind. The most commendable feat en route was when he was jumping across the ocean, he was confronted by the demoness Surasa, who insisted that he had to enter her oral cavity before venturing any further.

Hanuman was taken aback by this unexpected obstacle, but only for a second. He puffed up his chest and grew in size. The ogress opened her mouth wider and wider to fit the ever enlarging figure in front of her. When her open mouth crinkled her eyes to the point of being shut, Anjaneya, quickly shrunk himself to the size of a human fist, entered the jaws of the demoness and made a quick exit. Surasa could not keep her orifice open any longer. Perplexed by the rush of the little creature in and out of her mouth she confronted Hanuman with his bizarre behaviour. Maruthi folded his hands with veneration and submitted the fact that he had complied by her wishes. He sought freedom to go ahead with his mission. Surasa was greatly impressed by his smart initiative and blessed him.

If one aspires to be a person of wit and resource one has to cultivate the same through extensive reading, interacting with people from all walks of life alike, travelling and nurturing a sound common sense. Working out puzzles, attempting riddles can help a person to acquire analytical skills. Besides, one must pay attention to the all round growth and development of an individual at the physical, mental and spiritual levels during the formative years.

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