Teachers pull up DUTA for 'fixation' with new course

Teachers pull up DUTA for 'fixation' with new course

Sections of faculty want focus on more pressing issues

Several sections of Delhi University teachers said on Friday that the varsity faces pressing issues related to their service conditions, which are far more important to solve than to halt the implementation of four year graduation which has already been passed by the statutory bodies.

“Around 4,000 permanent teaching seats are lying vacant. There are many teachers whose promotions are also on hold. The Delhi University Teachers' Association (DUTA) is trying to divert the attention by protesting against the new graduation structure. The DUTA did not even pass a resolution against the new graduation,” said Aditya Narayan Misra, professor and president of Academics for Action and Development (AAD).

The DUTA resolution which was passed stated, “On the issue of task force and 4 years programme DUTA should obtain opinions of its teacher members in departments and colleges before formulating its opinion to ensure the democratic traditions. This is a necessary step which DUTA shall undertake.”

However, the president and several other members of DUTA either abstained from voting or opposed the resolution. While supporting the new graduation structure, these teachers said the left groups in the university are unnecessarily opposing it.
“Ambedkar University has four year graduation and is also headed by a left group member. Reforms are required in the varsity. The left is using arm-twisting methods to bargain,” said another teacher present at the press conference.

The registrar recently notified that in wake of the new structure, appointment process for permanent positions of teachers will be initiated by the end of June this year. The teachers said the recent notification should be honoured by all.

“Many ad hoc teachers are working for several years. When there is a hope that they will be made permanent, the left is trying to halt a reform. This is the time to apply our minds in ensuring that the service conditions of teachers are duly implemented,” added Misra.

However, DUTA members have countered these claims and said the Democratic Teachers’ Front (DTF) members and few others have opposed the four year graduation since beginning.

DUTA counters claims

“Time and again, DUTA has been raising issues of adhoc teachers, promotions and the outstanding amount of provident fund due to several teachers. We have met the higher authorities to discuss the same. The four year graduation is as important as any other issue involving the teachers because its implementation may affect adhoc teachers the most,” said a DUTA member.

According to this DUTA member, a college principal has recently informed the college teachers that after honours courses are dissolved in the new graduation format, the strength of students may increase but the teachers’ strength is likely to decline.