Lick up your limericks

Lick up your limericks


Whenever I squint my eyes
I can see two of everything
When I squint and shake my head
They all seem to swing
So, if you want to see
Twins or clones of everyone,
All you have to do
Is to squint and have fun.
Squinting very often
could cause headaches, besides
You could end up being
permanently cock-eyed!

I  2  US

I stands alone
ME does not.
MY Is selfish with
whatever i’ve got.
YOU could  be
1,  2, 3 or 4,   5, 6 or7,
or even more.
WE is  for many without
much fuss  sounds like fun
b’coz it means US!

 Dear scientists and inventors
Please take note
The following inventions
Should get your vote
Of preference over others
In your research and endeavors
…..For cleaner gardens
Diapers for birds
…..Home work machines
Good with numbers and words
….Motored wheels for humans
To reduce traffic congestion
…. ‘After heavy-meal’ pills
For easy digestion
…. Attachable wings
To stop using planes
…. And a magic wand
To wipe out all pains
…. Anti-cavity chocolates,
Nutritional chips
And ‘good for health’ varieties of drinks and sips
…. A ‘Past’ or ‘Future’
Time capsule
… A fun-filled centre
As a substitute for school.
…….. And
Last but not least
A hammock high in the air
Suspended from a space lab,
For us to lie there
While the earth rotates underneath
From morning till night
So, on the other side of the world
We can conveniently alight.

The moon appears to be a
The sun shines like a Jilebi.
Green marbles resemble juicy grapes
And the tennis ball – a Mosambi.
Why do things around tease me so
Whenever I’m really hungry?
And just because I can’t eat them
It makes me wild and angry.
But then, when I am really full
Even real food fails to appeal.
I’m not interested in the yummiest of snacks
And want to run from every meal.
Dosas seem good for origami
The jelly just shivers and squirms.
Idlis are but smooth pebbles
And noodles –  wriggly worms.