Bend a bit for your partner

Bend a bit for your partner

After all girls are emotional in nature and men are usually not so well-equipped in this department.

    So, while the battle on deciding whether you are more insensitive or she is over sensitive can go on forever, it will only help if you both learn to bend and change a bit.
 Here is how you can play your part better.

Women often expect you to read the subtle clues they pass on, but really, it is close to impossible. Is there a way out then?  Yes indeed.
     Tell her that you love her a lot but to make her feel loved you need her help. Get her to talk and express what she feels and what she wants. In other words, develop healthy communication habits so that your unintentionally hurtful words or actions do not linger in her head and keep her upset for days.

Express your love
Over sensitive people often stretch a thought and imagine more than required. With such a sensitive partner, it’s essential to win her trust so that her insecurities are put to rest.

    Often express your love to her and she will stay more confident of the relationship and hence in control of her emotions.

Be respectful
Respect her for what she is and never criticise her or insult her in public.
    Sure you will have differences, but they need to be sorted in an amicable civil way, more so with a sensitive partner. This will ensure that she rarely over reacts.
Talk things out with her, love and respect her for the person she is, make her feel safe and pampered in your arms, and you will never be called insensitive again.