'I want to take it slow'

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'I want to take  it slow'

Kannada actress Soundarya smelt greasepaint when she was in the crib. Her mother Jayamala, a popular actress, was also a film entrepreneur. But Soundarya was not a spoilt filmi brat who thought she was made for films.

Rather than jumping into films, she took her time and took her first plunge into the industry only when she got a project that she thought would not only be her big debut, but would create the right kind of ‘impression’ in people’s mind.

And this is the mantra that Soundarya follows till date, which is why she works only on one film at a time and is in no hurry to get into the number game. Soundarya is
working on ‘Paru Wife Of Devadas’, opposite Srinagara Kitty.

Talking about her character, Soundarya states, “I play the role of Paru, a young girl from an orthodox, Iyengar family. It’s about how she finds love amidst so many restrictions.” Soundarya also has to do a couple of kathak sequences in the film. “I don’t know kathak but I’ve been putting in some extra effort to learn the dance form. I’ve spent hours practising,” she adds.

Soundarya shares that she fell in love with the script the moment she heard it. “It was quite different and I enjoy playing the romantic part in the script. I think everybody feels love or finds love sometime in their life. Some people ignore such feelings, others take note of it. The experience is worth it,” she says.

Soundarya has been a little choosy when it comes to doing projects. “I want to take it slow because I want people to have a certain image of me. I don’t want to take up just about anything that comes my way. There’s a certain image that I have of myself and I don’t want to do anything that will distort that image,” she wraps up.

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