Not too keen on art

Not too keen on art

Mixed Interests

Not too keen on art

Art shows and exhibitions are an indispensable part of Bangalore’s culture. But while the City’s art galleries plan many events, one finds that youngsters are conspicuous by their absence at these shows.

At such events, barely a handful of youngsters show up. It seems like their interest in promoting and popularising art shows is dwindling.

Metrolife interacts with a few young people to understand their take on art.

Not all of them completely agree that they and their peers aren’t interested in art shows.
They confess that interests differ among young people. While some may like art, others take to different interests like music.

Shivani, a student, says, “While some people attend rock concerts or listen to lighter music, others prefer to sit back and have a nice time with friends. The definition of ‘art’ is different according to me — I prefer going to concerts over visiting exhibitions.”

Like her, many other youngsters have different passions — such as theatre.

“I quite enjoy watching plays since I really love the humour and the puns in them.
Considering the number of plays that are staged in the City, there is lots to choose from,” says Subhash, a student.

“The variety is great. I once went for a play written and performed by many young artistes at Alliance Francaise. The auditorium was full of youngsters from different parts of the City. We do support and encourage art, but in our own style,” adds Subhash.

Other youngsters do enjoy going for art exhibitions, but say that they are selective about what they attend.

“I might not want to attend an art exhibition that is not in keeping with my taste, but I love checking out photo exhibitions because I am keen on pursuing photography. There are many budding as well as veteran photographers who exhibit their work on a regular basis. It is very inspiring to see their pictures and in a way, I learn a lot from these shows,” says Arpit, a student of photography Sunil, an engineering student, admits that he hasn’t visited any of the art shows held in the City.

However, he would like to visit a few sometime in the future.

“There is a genuine reason why I don’t visit these shows. I feel that I cannot comprehend what is being portrayed. This is especially the case with abstract art — it becomes difficult to understand as everybody has a different take on it. I would not let go of the option of attending art shows, because there is so much to learn from them,” concludes Sunil.

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