A fantasy comes true

A fantasy comes true

Future Perfect

A fantasy comes true


You can say when one’s moment of reckoning is nearing. You may be around for years but yet go unnoticed. But once the moment of reckoning is nearing, you stop leading a mere existence as the limelight shifts on you.

Riteish Deshmukh is basking in one such limelight. And the moment of reckoning has been swift in coming in his case for the actor sure knows his onions. “Everybody may have an actor in him or her no matter whether one chooses to make a career of it or not. But how it manifests is what makes one a good or bad actor,” believes Riteish, as he spoke to Metrolife prior to the release of Aladin about his best movies and his future

Acting, says Riteish, hasn't been easy for him. He had to be open to different roles before he could establish himself as an actor. He says that as an actor he has managed to develop his own role, style and unique ways. And he never allowed his many flops to put him off.

Riteish is however grateful that he has been offered meaty roles in most of his films. In Bluffmaster, he played the bluff master, in Ram Gopal Varma's Rann he plays an investigative journalist and in his forthcoming Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai, he plays the man who falls in loves with an alien woman from Venus and tries to show her the meaning of love. In Do Knot Disturb, Riteish says it was quite a challenge to stand up and get noticed beside Govinda. “He’s such a brilliant actor that I had to pull out all the stops to excel,” he says. 

Riteish has essayed many romantic and comic roles. He says comedy isn't easy and that one has to really get into the shoes of the character to be able to feel the character before playing the role.

Talking about his role in Aladin, Riteish says that he plays an Aladin who struggles to grow out of a troubled childhood. He doesn't believe in the concept of lamps. This Aladin stands up for the weak and helps those who get bullied to stand up front and face the world. This Aladin falls in love but doesn't gather enough wits to walk up to his love and confess his love to her but later it is a genie who helps him find true love.

“True love is when you think about another person before you think about yourself and that's tough,” beams Riteish.

Riteish holds very fond memories of Bangalore, “I spent my millennium new year here. So it’s definitely a special place for me,” he says.