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Last Updated 19 May 2013, 13:15 IST

Moises Henriques is a Portuguese-born Australian cricketer and belongs to the younger breed of the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) players. Unlike the previous seasons, this year, Moises is on the IPL tour with his girlfriend Krista Thomas, who is a journalist with a radio channel in Sydney.

The two have been dating each other for six months and Krista notes that she was more than happy to join Moises on the tour.

Moises feels the RCB has played exceptionally well this year despite some of their players suffering minor injuries.

“We’ve performed well and we hope our results get better with every game we play,” Moises tells Metrolife.

Moises dubs the IPL as a “fantastic experience” and says he has enjoyed every moment of it.

“The IPL hosts cricketers from different walks of life and we’ve been together for the last two months. Now, we’re at the fag end of the tour and parting ways will be a little sad,” he says. Most of the RCB teammates brag about having a capable captain.

“Virat is a good captain. We have rigorous training sessions but Virat makes sure that none of us are under pressure. On the contrary, we enjoy whatever we do thanks to the lack of stress,” shares Moises. On their off days, the players get out and explore the City.

“I’ve done a bit of shopping and since I am here with Krista, we hang out together. I’ve bought some stuff for my family, especially my brother,” he beams.

Krista is thrilled that she is in a country that she has always wanted to visit and experience first hand. She says that the best part of the IPL tour is getting to spend some quality time with Moises. But the two of them never discuss cricket when they’re together. “We never talk cricket. Although I don’t understand cricket, I stand by him and lend him all the support I can,” she blushes.

Krista and Moises have a few interests in common. “We both have a great sense of humour, music is a common passion and we snatch every opportunity to travel together,” Krista sums up.

(Published 19 May 2013, 13:15 IST)

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