Associations plan steps to ensure Employment Guarantee Day

Associations plan steps to ensure Employment Guarantee Day

None of the GPs have implemented the Act effectively, rues MGNREGA Ombudsman

Associations plan steps to ensure Employment Guarantee Day

To motivate the gram panchayat authorities to hold Employment Guarantee Day every week, as per the guidelines of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), Maadari Grama Vikasa Kendra (Model Village Development Centre), Jana Shikshana Trust, Gram panchayat and other organisations will organise Labour Day, at Maadari Vikasa Kendras every month.

Though the Act demands for Employment Guarantee Day every week in each gram panchayat, none of the gram panchayats have implemented the Act effectively. In order to motivate the authorities to organise Employment Guarantee Day, such programmes will be organised in all the 46 Maadari Grama Vikasa Kendras.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, DK MGNREGA Ombudsman Sheena Shetty said that owing to lack of awareness, many of the households that have registered their names to avail employment are not reaping the benefit of the Act. As a result, the Ombudsman has been receiving complaints on denial of employment, delay in payment of wages, and denial of accepting applications seeking jobs. Hence, the gram panchayat authorities should initiate measures to hold Employment Guarantee Day every week, he said.

On the Employment Guarantee Day, Gram Panchayat PDO and Secretary should be present at the gram panchayat to receive applications from the beneficiaries. “They can also redress the grievances pertaining to the MGNREGA.

The Vigilance Committee constituted under MGNREGA can visit the spot where the work has been carried out utilising the funds under the Act to inspect the ongoing work and ensure that there was no illegality in implementing the Act. The PDO can also issue work order for the beneficiaries on Labour Day and issue notices in Form 8 of the Act to those labourers who have not started the work.

The work on clicking photographs of the beneficiaries for employment card can also be taken up on the day. The work on distribution of wages to the beneficiary labourers can also be taken up. Reading out the work carried out in a particular week and details on muster rolls to the beneficiaries can also be taken up, on the day as per the regulations of the Act. The gram panchayat authorities should also document details on activities taken up on Employment Guarantee Day,” he said.

A labour day programme was held at Beeriga Gram Vikasa Kendra in Bannur Gram panchayat on Sunday. Similar programmes will be held at Kaukradi (June), Adyar (July), Ilanthila (August), Kodimbadi (September), Ganjimutt (October), Ramakunja (November), Alankaru (January), Koila (February), Meramajalu (March), Panja (April) and Kurnadu (May). “On the lines of Aksharotsava, a convention of neoliterates will be held in the month of December, the labour day will be organised along with the Aksharotsava at Mudipu centre of Jana Shikshana Trust,” said Krishna Moolya.

During the programme, the beneficiaries and Maadari Grama Vikasa Kendra motivators will share their experiences while implementing the Act. This itself will motivate several labourers. During the Labour Day, those who had worked for highest number of days under MGNREGA will also be felicitated by the Kendra with a memento. The Jana Shikshana Trust will honour the person with a book on legal knowledge.  “In fact, even community participates in the programme, wherein members will present a cultural programme, at the end of the day,” he said.

At Bennur, 10 MGNREGA labourers were felicitated. This includes Sesappa, Seenappa, Anand Poojary, Seenappa, Jaya, Vimala, Naveeni, Vijaya, Sesamma and Indira.
The programme at Bennur was attended by GP President Uday Kumar, PDO Shantharam, Vice President Sesamma and motivator Aruna.