CM chants development mantra again

CM chants development mantra again

Jaitley asked me to maintain silence

The CM, unlike on Thursday, looked a bit relaxed. He tried his best to wear a smile on his face while interacting with media persons. He refused to take questions on the political developments on the grounds that party leader Arun Jaitley has directed him to maintain silence. But he voluntary made a couple of statements.

Here is an extract from the media's interaction with Yeddyurappa:

How come you look relaxed? Is the crisis over?

I look happy because the Centre has released Rs 500 crore for the flood-relief works.  About politics, I do not want to say anything. My mantra is only development, development and development. And, nothing else.  About 100 MLAs and MPs met Jaitley. He has suggested us certain things. Our intention is to give good governance for five years and come back to power for next five years. For that we have to make mental preparations. There is no crisis.

But what is the suggestion of Jaitley? Has he invited you to Delhi for continuing the talks?

He has asked us to ensure that such developments do not recur. He also said that he would be conveying the outcome of the meetings to Advaniji and everything will be solved easily. He also asked me to leave all the issues to the high command. The instruction I have is to concentrate only on development.

I will be going to Delhi in a couple of days to invite Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Advaniji for launching the house construction programme.

Have you been summoned to Delhi?

No. Jaitley has not asked me to come to Delhi.

You say there is no dissidence in the party. Then why Jaitley landed here?

You know the reason…

Are you going to launch the house construction programme in Bellary too?

Whether it is Bellary or Hubli, everything is same for me. The work being done by Karunakara Reddy is also part of the government programme. There is no difference between works. We are all one.

Where did you err?

(Parries the query) We all make mistakes and rectify ourselves. Same here.
Many MLAs have been complaining that you are short-tempered and do not interact with them cordially.  From today I will treat them the way I am treating you (with a smile) .

Will you be calling the BJP legislature party meeting?

No. The situation doesn't warrant it. The high command has not asked us to go for it.

Will you go for a Cabinet reshuffle?

I have no plans to make any changes at this juncture. No change in the administration also.

Will you be effecting transfers of bureaucrats in other districts like the way you did it in Bellary?

No… not now.