Young minds at work

Young minds at work

Young minds at work

There are youngsters who never shy away from fighting for social and environmental causes. While some have formed groups to help senior citizens and children, others have organised awareness programmes on various issues.

   Sindhu Bairavi, a student of PESIT, and some of her friends are a part of a group called Sankalp, which helps senior citizens and collects funds for them.

   “We regularly visit various old-age homes in the City.

Collecting funds for them is done through many activities. We also organise games and outdoor activities for them,” she says.

Sanchay Kumar, also a student of PESIT, who formed the group, says that most of the members in this group are college students and young professionals and they show a lot of enthusiasm when it comes to doing field work. “Each member donates one rupee a day, which amounts to Rs 30 per month. This amount is then used for the welfare of people from slums, villages or orphanages. It might make a difference in the lives of many. The group is dedicated to bringing a smile to the faces of underprivileged,” he says.

“Our members visit short places and research the people’s requirements. We try and provide orphanages and old-age homes with food and supplies. There have been times when we have also visited the homeless people at railway stations and on streets and helped them out as well,” he adds. This young team involves itself in many such activities. “The team donated money to a girl, who met with a major accident and helped her family meet her medical expenses. We have also helped many underprivileged students to complete their education,” he adds.

Hema S Bidre, an engineering student, is actively involved in spreading awareness on various issues. She also works with orphaned children and trains them in art and craft.
“I am associated with many causes like waste segregation. Recently, a couple of students and I organised a ‘walkathon’ creating awareness on waste segregation. We also performed a street play for the same. The ‘walkathon’, was held in Basavanagudi. We  tried to talk to people and teach them the benefits of segregating waste. Along with this, I also teach dance to underprivileged children and train them in art and craft, whenever I have time. Many others like me are also involved. It is a good way to give back to society,” she says.

Mhademo, a social work student at Oxford College of Arts, says that he is actively involved in spreading awareness regarding various diseases. “We recently conducted a rural camp in a village near the City and it taught me a lot. I not only participated in the awareness camp but also conducted various health drives,” he notes.