Marks sheets issue lands CET aspirants in soup

Marks sheets issue lands CET aspirants in soup

Mysore school says it sent the data; authorities claim they haven't received it

Marks sheets issue lands CET aspirants in soup

A number of students from Demonstration Multipurpose School, RIEM, Mysore (CBSE) have been frequenting the Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) office at Malleswaram here for the past few days.

This is because they have not yet received their Common Entrance Test (CET) rankings, nine days after the results were declared.

In the midst of the numerous students who were getting their documents verified on the third day of the verification process was one such student from the school. Vishwanath (name changed) was desperately trying to get inside the KEA office to submit his marks sheet.

“My school has told us that they submitted our marks to the authorities. But when we contacted them, they said that they have not received the marks from the school. I am really worried and confused. So, I have come here to personally make sure that I get my ranking,” said Vishwanath.  

The CBSE class XII results in the State and the region were declared on May 27, whereas the CET results were out on May 28.

The KEA had asked all CBSE school principals to submit the marks of their respective students to the KEA through post or by e-mail. They had also given the option for students to individually submit their marks sheets. The CET ranking depends on a certain percentage of the student’s performance in class XII. 

In this case, the school had taken the responsibility of submitting the marks of its 36-odd students who gave the test. Principal of the school, Raj Kumar, claimed that he had sent the marks of all the students both through post and the internet the day after the CBSE results were declared. He said he was not able to follow up on the status of the post due to other issues.

“I am worried about the students. But then, the school has been occupied with other commitments like renovation of the school building. We will look into the issue immediately,” said Raj Kumar.

Students’ initiative

After waiting for more than two days, a number of students became worried and took matter into their own hands and started sending their marks sheets individually.
Ramesh G (name changed) was one of the first students, who got his CET ranking.
Realising that some problem was bound to crop up due to the close dates of the two results and due to the “lackadaisical” attitude of the school, he sent in his marks sheet through e-mail, the same evening the CBSE results were declared.

“The KEA officials told me that they were not checking their e-mails and therefore asked me to send my marksheet by post. I finally asked an uncle in Bangalore to submit my marks to the KEA office and I got my ranking on May 28 itself,” said Ramesh.

Around 25 students from the school have either come to the KEA office in Bangalore or sent their marks sheets through an acquaintance, since the CET results were declared.