Towering problem: Noisy tower continues to irk residents

Towering problem: Noisy tower continues to irk residents

People said to be suffering from symptoms related to radiation

Towering problem: Noisy tower continues to irk residents

Residents of Gokulam Park Road in V V Mohalla have been running from pillar to post for the past one year demanding to shift a mobile tower. The tower, they say, with nine receivers and two generators is a hub of radiation and noise. It also violates the distance threshold stipulated by the Department of Telecom.

However, despite repeated complaints and pleas, the tower continues to be a nuisance to the people of the region. 

Addressing a press meet here on Friday, K M Lokesh said that Karnataka State Pollution Control Board had recently inspected the noise pollution levels of the tower. An inspection report of KSPCB noted that the tower was “non-confirming to the noise levels to the standards laid down by the Board”.

The report by KSPCB pointed out that M/s Viom Networks Limited, the company which was operating and maintaining the tower, had not “complied with the conditions imposed in the consent order” and had violated Section 21 and 22 of Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1981.

Lokesh alleged that despite the report by KSPCB in May, the tower, in gross violation of norms, still continues to operate from the residential area.

Earlier, following the mahazar of the tower by KSPCB officials, Viom Networks Limited, in its reply to KSPCB on April 26, had promised to remove the generator from the site and had requested 15 days time to do the same.


Lokesh said that some of the residents of the area were suffering from symptoms related to radiation sickness in the area. “Since the tower is located close to homes and has nine receivers, the tower emits a lot of radiation. People in the area are suffering from repeated bouts of headaches, insomnia, hair loss and hearing problems,” he said.

One of the residents of the region, under condition of anonymity said that his 63 year old wife suffered from illness. “She cannot sleep at night and has recurring joint pains. Though we are not sure whether the illness is due to radiation, the symptoms are of radiation related disease,” the retired Physics professor said.

Official reply
Responding to queries, KSPCB Environment Officer, P Niranjan said that KSPCB had issued a closure notice to the tower operated by Viom Networks Limited. He said that a notice to seize the generator was sent to Tahsildar of Mysore, as KSPCB did not have powers to seize machinery.

Tahsildar of Mysore, Naveen Joseph said that he had not received any notice regarding the tower.