Driver's fake suicide bid gives Nimhans jitters

Driver's fake suicide bid gives Nimhans jitters

Driver's fake suicide bid gives Nimhans jitters

An ambulance driver with the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (Nimhans) gave the hospital authorities and police the jitters when he pretended to commit suicide during a protest here on Friday. 

Manjunath reportedly carried a vial and told his fellow protesters that he was going to end his life. He was among those protesting against the alleged harassment by the hospital authorities, police said. 

He just staged a “drama” in order to convince others that he was serious about his intention. The “stunt”, police added, was aimed at pressurising the hospital authorities into cancelling his transfer to a nursing college. 

Manjunath and a few other drivers wanted to stay with Nimhans as they thought they earned more there. His earlier attempts at pressuring the hospital authorities had failed. He had staged a similar drama in 2008, police claimed. 

Manjunath almost succeeded in his plan on Friday as his fellow drivers rushed him to the hospital for treatment. A large number of people, including patient attendants, then gathered at the place, presuming him dead. 

Meanwhile, rumours spread thick and fast that Manjunath was shifted to St John’s Hospital for further treatment. Things eased when police stepped in and dispelled rumours of the suicide. 

Moments before, however, police had been stumped when a few drivers declined their intervention, saying the hospital authorities were ready to compromise. 

Nimhans authorities confirmed the incident and said that Manjunath staged the drama as he was unhappy with his transfer.