When sheer's the word

When sheer's the word

Chic trend

When sheer's the word

The trend of sheer might have hit the silver screen and red carpet months ago but now, it seems to have trickled down to the streets of the City as well.

More and more youngsters are buying into the concept of sheer — partly because its novel and partly because it’s decidedly glamourous.

 More importantly, the trend lends itself to interpretation; there’s a lot of variety in terms of sheer items in the market and fashion-conscious Bangaloreans can have a blast pairing different items of clothing or simply using sheer accessorises.

Metrolife catches up with a few to find out how best they like to sport this trend.

Garima, a software engineer, believes that it’s tough to beat the classic statement of a sheer top.

“It’s perfect for evening wear and a select few can pull it off during the day as well,” she says.

 “The most versatile style would be a shirt with three-quarter sleeves in sheer chiffon, or something like that. It can be worn over a ganji top with a more striking pattern, and the effect is quite attractive. The best shades would be bold and dramatic like royal blue or emerald green — they stand out,” she adds.

She goes on to add that another fun and increasingly popular fun is sheer panelling on dresses. “It’s a great twist on the classic Little Black Dress — you can have sheer strips on the shoulders, or entirely sheer sleeves. It adds some fun to an otherwise done-to-death outfit,” she points out.

Sheer tops are a dramatic statement though, and not everyone’s cup of tea.
Anjali, a professional, admits to enjoying dabbling in the trend but adds that she keeps it limited to an accessory.

“I like sheer stoles and dupattas. They aren’t terribly functional but look great, especially if they’re embroidered or embellished in some way. They’re perfect for weddings,” she says.

 “I’ve also seen a few people carry sheer bags but somehow, I don’t know if that works. I think sheer clothing is more for the evening — during the day, it looks a bit tacky.”

Madhuri, an engineering student who just graduated, has noticed the trend as well. “Initially, only the movie stars were flaunting sheer outfits.

But now, brands have found ways to make the trend a lot more wearable, which is why students and young professionals are trying it out. It’s something that you have to be careful about because it’s easy to go wrong with sheer,” she says.

 “It’s best to include only one sheer item in an outfit — if someone’s wearing a sheer jacket, it’s best to go for a thick stole in a bold colour, rather than something filmy.”