Bio-waste to be disposed in park pits

Bio-waste to be disposed in park pits

'Won't be taken to landfills'

South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has decided to dispose the bio-degradable waste, like plant leaves, that is in the parks and on the streets, in the compost pits to be set up in the parks. At parks where compost pits cannot be constructed, the waste would be buried in a ditch. The SDMC has decided to provide for compost pits in all the community parks maintained by it.

Henceforth, in south Delhi, such waste won't be transported to sanitary landfill sites (SLF), but disposed of at the source itself.

Municipal commissioner Manish Gupta has issued directions towards implementation of the decision.

According to a senior SDMC official, the cost of transporting waste like plant leaves is higher because while the volume of leaves is high, weight-wise they are very light– thus reducing the carrying capacity of garbage vehicles.

It increases the overall transportation cost.

“Majority of parks and roads are covered with dried leaves. Currently sanitary staff collect dried leaves at designated sites in each locality, before being transported to the SLF in a truck. With the waste being disposed at the source in an eco-friendly manner, it would save expenses of the corporation,” an official said.

The officials said disposal of waste at the source would also take care of the problem of substantial amount of leaves falling from the transport vehicle on the roads during transit.

Officials said it will also facilitate improving fertility of soil of parks and gardens.

“The responsibility of constructing the compost pits and digging a ditch in the park will be of sanitary department,” said SDMC spokesperson, Mukesh Yadav.

There are about 6,400 community parks maintained by the SDMC. Over 500 parks already have compost pits to dispose of plant leaves.