Critically injured 11-yr-old dodges death just barely

Critically injured 11-yr-old dodges death just barely

Undergoes surgery to remove two iron rods inside her stomach, neck

When 11-year-old Riya had been brought to a private hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur town on Friday night, the doctors could not believe that she was still alive.

With two iron rods having pierced her stomach and neck, it was indeed a miracle that the girl was alive. It took the surgeons three hours to remove them and save her from certain death.

She is now recuperating at the hospital and is stated to be out of danger.

According to reports, Riya, a resident of Bhaisahin village in Gorakhpur district, was sleeping on the roof of her house on Friday night, when the incident occurred.

In the darkness of night, she could not locate the stairs to go downstairs to the toilet and fell from the roof. Unfortunately, she fell straight on the protruding iron rods of an underconstruction house. While one of the rods pierced her neck, the other went across her stomach. Little Riya could only let out a cry calling her father before becoming unconscious.
“We were shocked to see Riya’s condition. We thought that she was dead, but fortunately she was still alive,” her father Raghunath Singh said. Her mother Suman fainted on seeing her daughter in such a state.

Singh rushed the girl to a private hospital in the town without wasting any time.
The surgeons immediately performed the surgery to save her. “It was a complicated surgery. We first took out the iron that had pierced the neck as it was creating difficulty in her breathing and then the second one,” a doctor said.

“Riya’s condition was critical till Saturday afternoon but started improving from the evening. Now she is out of danger,” the doctor added. The doctors said she would be discharged from the hospital after a week or so.