Why give up on life?

Why give up on life?


Why give up on life?

If you are an actress, have given hits and are addicted to fame, you would always want to be on top, to be seen by people and be recognised by fans. The pressure to remain ‘up there’ is immense too.

One is constantly looking for that big break and to earn that much more moolah and fame which comes with big banners. The recently shocking instance of Jiah Khan committing suicide has once again highlighted the perils of finding fame and money at a young age and then not being able to handle life ‘normally’. 

Unfortunately Jiah is the latest addition to the list of actors and models who have committed suicides – Nafisa Joseph, Viveka Babajee, Kuljeet Randhawa are just a few of them. What compels them to take this plunge? Is it fame, money, love or the lack of attention?

Dr Prachi, a clinical psychologist with Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute sheds some light on the issue.

“There are actually make reasons to commit suicides, not one. There is pressure, frustration, career set back, depression, not getting what you want and one wants immediate gratification.”

“I often ask my patients, ‘how much can you please people’? At the end of the day, you should be happy and content. One should please their internal standards rather than pleasing society. Suicides are cumulative effect. One doesn’t think about the consequences anymore,” adds Prachi.

Bollywood actor and Student of the Year fame, Sahil Anand shares his insight on pressure in the industry. “More than the internal pressure, it is the pressure created by the world which disturbs you. People constantly ask you when is your next film coming out? When is your movie getting released? With that pressure I too end up asking production about release dates and such.”

“One needs to understand that work comes really slow in Bollywood. Nothing is instant and that gap kills you. For actors like Aamir Khan who do only one film per year it is not a big deal but for us it is. We constantly need work to be in the limelight. What I have learnt after coming to Mumbai is to have patience – this is the key,” shares Sahil with Metrolife.
In this rat race, one has to survive with whatever is given to him or her. One has to look good and presentable all the time to grab eyeballs since you are a celeb. Yash Gera, a television actor who was seen in TV shows like Kuch Toh Log Kahenge says that one needs to have a backup if you want to survive happily.

“Besides hard work, luck plays a very important role in Bollywood. One needs to have willpower and a backup plan to support you during your lean periods. Like I do Djing too and I am comfortably living in Mumbai with my stint on TV and doing events on the other hand.”

If on one hand, Bollywood is giving a tough time to actors, the modelling is also not lagging behind. Kabir Singh, one of the top models in India seconds Yash. “Unlike earlier, the number of male models have increased. Females models have enough work but not males. But if you are good enough, work will come to you. I know many who are into drugs and alcohol because of pressure. I participate in almost all the fashion shows and have also grabbed a Bollywood role. For me, acting has become a priority but modelling is my first love.”