Painting the town red

Painting the town red

The team of Aladin did the same when a controversy was created around its posters covering a graffiti wall.

Almost two days before Aladin was released, there were certain posters that were pasted on a wall in Mumbai. It was the same graffiti wall that was created by a group of people, who were committed to the beautification of the area. This infuriated the people and in order to demonstrate their anger, they protested on various websites and even started an online petition titled ‘reclaiming my wall’.

Even Big B’s blog wasn’t spared and was full of comments regarding the issue. The star cast and the team apologised and decided to rectify the mistake caused unintentionally. While actor Riteish Deshmukh offered his sincere apologies on Twitter agreeing that the whole matter was insensitive and incorrect, director Sujoy Ghosh tweeted that posters on walls should be banned or should only be put upon authorised areas.

In order to show their solidarity towards the matter, the team of Aladin including the actors Riteish Deshmukh and Jacqueline  Fernandez, director Sujoy Ghosh and music duo Vishal-Shekhar decided to don their artistic hats and repaint the damaged wall.

Reiterating the team’s commitment, Sujoy Ghosh says, “We are sorry for the inconvenience. We don’t know who put up the posters on these walls. I completely agree that it was wrong. It is unfortunate that our film posters were put up there. We thought we should make up for the damage.”

The team looks like they had a whale of a time. Well, looks like all’s well that ends well.