From Moscow to India

From Moscow to India


For almost a decade he has been at the forefront of Russia’s electronic dance breakout. His DJ adventures have taken him around the world numerous times.

The global maestro of electronic music, Moscow-based international DJ, producer and record label impresario Dmitry Almazov, more popular as Bobina was recently in Delhi to play live at Maddox Club.

Apart from doing his original production work, Bobina has carefully honed his craft as a remixer. Following the release of Beautiful Friend he has remixed with artists such as Linkin Park, Paul Oakenfold, Armin van Buuren, Supermode and for world famous labels such as Ministry of Sound, Perfecto, Armada and Nebula.

Talking about India, Bobina shares, “My experience in India has always been phenomenal. Those who understand the electronic dance music (EDM) here love my style. It’s my fans here who makes me feel special and make my experience a memorable one always.”

“When I first came to India I was not too sure about, whether there would be many takers for my kind of music but now when I see the clubs full of young people, crying for more, it fills me with great satisfaction.

There’s something special, something mystical about India which always makes me accept the invitations to perform here,” said the DJ.
“Indians love music, there are so many genres here – from spiritual, sufi to the Hindi film music. I see a lot of potential in this country. Indian DJs are also experimenting with electronic trance because the City’s youth ask for it.”

Are there enough fans for Indian music back in Moscow? “The musical association started with Raj Kapoor’s Mera joota hai Japani, yeh patloon Englishtani, but then it kind of faded over the years. But now Indian music is making a comeback and some DJs in Moscow love to remix the music in pubs wherein you get to hear Indian songs,”
said Bobina.

As we all know, Delhi has many historical places and are always on the to-do list of visitors. Has he had time to go around and play touristy? “Whatever little that I have explored is through my car window. To be honest history is not my cup of tea. Show me the markets, clubs and beaches and I would be interested.”

What was your first impression when you landed in Delhi? “Hot is the word especially when you are coming from Moscow at this time of the year. Delhi is a busy city, so many people on the streets and everyone seems to be rushing to work. The traffic also gets chaotic at times. All these gives me an opportunity to see the real India but when the car comes to a halt, I feel a little scared with the way bikers drive here.”

No conversation with Metrolife is ever complete without a mention about the Indian food. “Spicy is the word for Indian food. Though I asked the chef to be a little merciful when it comes to spices.”