Beauty captured in snapshots

Beauty captured in snapshots

Shared Interest

Two photographers, Bhupat Shah and V S Asokan, exhibited their works at Chitrakala Parishat recently. Old friends from different professions but bound by their common love for photography, the artists’ pictures were delightful, interesting and insightful. Both are successful professionals — Bhupat founded Bangalore Surgicals and Asokan is in advertising. 

“I took a trip to Coorg a few years ago and went into the forest land surrounding the Cauvery river with a young guide who was singing Kannada poetry. Lulled by sound of his voice, I dozed off on the banks for a while and when I awoke I had what you might term as an epiphany. The river before me looked unique and different somehow with the light filtering though the clouds and reflecting off the water. I captured the scene before me with my lens and ever since I have noticed uncommon beauty in common places where I never looked before,” says Bhupat.

Asokan frequently uses micro photography to create pictures that are intriguing and luminous.

“Good photography is mostly about light and the way it falls on your subject. Go out at any time of day and look for lighting or the lack of it. Take photographs of shadows, of reflections, of light streaming through something, or of things in total darkness,” he advises. Many of his pictures look like paintings.

Asokan believes that a photographer who takes interesting snapshots looks for contrasts in things like colour amid dullness or light among darkness.

“If you're photographing people, look for happiness in unexpected places or a person in a surrounding where they appear out-of-place. As a photographer, you will soon learn to see and observe the world differently,” he adds.

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