'I can't wait to soar in the skies'

'I can't wait to soar in the skies'

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'I can't wait to soar in the skies'

Gul Panag has been basking in nostalgia. She was invited to her old school in Ooty recently and says that the visit brought back loads of memories of her childhood.

“You pick up your first lessons about life from school and teachers play a crucial role in shaping your thoughts and ideas. Somehow, I felt like I became a child again. I also had to speak during the visit. So, I wrote out a speech that would appeal to a seven and a 70-year-old alike,” an excited Gul tells Metrolife.

 Gul is not seen at many parties and she isn’t heard about much either, but the actress is juggling a lot of things and manages to excel in all of them.

She has taken a break from acting at the moment to pursue a higher degree in critical science.  “I’ve always wanted to study and when I got a chance to do so, I didn’t want to miss it,” she says.

Gul believes that the medium of cinema has the power to influence the thoughts of people. However, she has never done too many films and has sensibly chosen only those projects in which her role is challenging and credible. “Every role must have the power to bring about change.

I don’t think credibility comes from performing item numbers but contributing positively to society by playing credible characters,” says Gul.  She is the only woman in a male-dominated film, the sequel to Ab Tak Chhappan, which is slated to release sometime soon.

 “I essay the role of a journalist in the film, who also plays an instrumental role in unravelling a case. My character begins working on the case and lands herself in a dangerous situation. It’s a thrilling story, one that’s not to be missed,” she assures.
Interestingly, Gul doesn’t look anything like her age. She credits this to her obsession with fitness.

 “I must work out everyday. That’s an indispensable part of my routine. I am not asking people to totally give up what they like, but the idea is to eat in moderate quantities and eat right,” she states.

Not many know this, but she is not far away from getting her pilot’s licence. “I can’t wait to soar in the skies,” she sums up.