The white elephants called regional centres

The white elephants called regional centres

The KSOU appointed 10 RDs despite reservations expressed by its own finance officer that it would lead to additional burden on the varsity.

According to records available with Deccan Herald, Finance Officer Nagamani had said the decision was ill-advised. On December 30, 2010, Nagamani wrote to the KSOU Registrar stating that the July 2010 decision to recruit additional RDs would cause an “unnecessary financial burden” on the varsity.

“The work at the centres is only seasonal as admissions are done only in the first three months of the academic year,” she said.

Despite this, KSOU went ahead with the recruitment. The KSOU also “regularised” their recruitments with a basic pay of Rs 36,200 in November 2012.

The RDs are also entitled to 10 per cent HRA; 9 per cent DA; CCA of Rs 300. In Bangalore, the HRA is 30 per cent. This financial burden is estimated roughly at Rs two crore annually.

No purpose served

The Women’s Regional Centre at Government PU College, Malleswaram in Bangalore, was inaugurated by then chief minister Jagadish Shettar on January 15 - much later than the admission process for the academic year 2013-14 was completed. The admission process is held between August and December end (sometimes till beginning of January) every year. The said centre has been without work for the last five months as there are no applications to process. The RD and two other staffers are being paid salary.

These centres are redundant because they accept applications only for first year BA/BCom/MA/MCom; in 2012-13, KSOU reluctantly allowed admission process for the second year for the above mentioned courses only in 10 centres.

Besides, the RCs don't accept applications for professional courses like MBA; educational programmes like BEd and MEd; science programmes; diploma programmes; certificate courses. Students have to apply for these courses at KSOU, Mysore.

None of the centres are computerised; admissions are done manually; IDs too are given manually.

 KSOU has established over 130 study centers across the State. These study centers had earlier been giving information pertaining to admissions, and the students were either sending their applications to KSOU, Mysore by post, or they would submit them in person.