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Mahanadi, Kannada

Tulu film-maker Krishnappa Uppur’s debut Kannada film Mahanadi has captured the life and ambition of a fisher woman, played by Sanjjanaa. Sanjjanaa’s character in the movie is called Meenakshi and she is compared to a big river. Meenakshi dreams of marrying a city boy from Mumbai and all her aspirations revolve around getting to the man of her dreams. Actor Dileep Raj plays Meenakshi’s husband in the film. Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction are by Krishnappa Uppuru; Sundaranath Suvarana is the cameraman. AM Neel has given the music. ‘Mass’ Madha has handled the stunts for the film. Some of the other actors in the film are Rangayana Raghu, Lokanath, Shobaraj, Venkadri, Padmini Prakash, Malathi Sardeshpande, Varshini, Mini, Rakehs, Dharmendra, Gururaja Hoskote, Pankaja Ravishanker, Vincent Kalyanapura and Udupi Raviraj just to mention a few.

Radhana Ganda Kannada

The title of the movie Radhana Ganda ran into a lot of trouble. The issue had to be settled in the court. After a long-drawn battle, the title was changed from its original Radhikale Ganda to Radhana Ganda. The storyline is pretty interesting. It’s a story about a couple wherein the husband (played by Komal) is unemployed and his wife, played by Poorna is in a good job. The husband spends all his time trailing his wife. There are a lot of comic situations and actor Komal thinks he fits into the role very well. But does the love between the couple last for long? That’s what is to be seen. The direction, story and screenplay are by Murugan, cinematography by Selvam, music is by Manikanth Kadri and the film is produced by N Ravi Kumar. The other actors in the film are Sudarshan
and Arya.

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