A convenient option for parents

A convenient option for parents

Night Creches

A convenient option for parents

Creches in the City have now started catering to a new segment of parents — those who either want more time for themselves or work erratic hours. Some of them now offer round-the-clock or night services. 

For instance, Ratnajyothi and Hasna Kamal, founders of ‘At Cuddles @ The Courtyard’ in Whitefield, started off this venture last year. 

“Night-time creches help parents leave their children in a safe place when they have their nights out. This way, the children are not exposed to smoke, alcohol, loud music and late nights.

They are able to continue with their nightly routines with very little disruption. Parents are also at peace, knowing that their children are in good hands. This allows both parents to have a break from the usual stress. They have the freedom to go out together and this avoids strain or resentment in their relationship,” says Jyothi Ratnakar.

This, she adds, is a boon for both working mothers as well as those who don’t. “It gives the hard-working homemaker, who is literally on duty day in and day out, an opportunity to have a night out with her spouse,” she explains. 

“Suitable games are played depending on the time the children come in. This is followed by bed-time stories to settle them into a good night’s sleep. We also provide meals,” she explains. The charge per night is Rs 1,500.

 Sucheta Madhusudan, who runs ‘Kids Space Academy 24/7 Day Care’, located on Uttarahalli Main Road  was herself caught in such a dilemma when she used to work in the IT industry. 

She finally quit her job and started the centre. “I found that most daycares close by 6 pm. When I used to get delayed at work, I used to get calls from the daycare asking me to pick up my child,” she explains.

“Many a time, couples want to go out for a party, shopping or just spend some quality time with each other. This is when they contact us.

 Even when parents are travelling or work in different shifts, they prefer to leave their kid at a creche,” says Sucheta, quoting an instance wherea child was left at the creche for five days and four nights. Sucheta adds that now, she gets calls from across the country to find out about their services. 
Rachna Sethi, who has availed of the service a couple of times, was delighted as she had the time to catch a movie.

 “I was missing out on movies and outings. I thought that it was necessary that we should also find time for entertainment,” she says. “I gave it a try and liked the service. The concept is really good and is particularly helpful for working mothers,” she adds.
 Tamilmani Jaikumar, a consultant with an MNC, who utilises this services regularly, feels it is a boon for working parents. 

Since her husband, a businessman, also has erratic work hours, round-the-clock creches have helped them.

 “I work a UK shift. So my working day begins at 2 pm and goes on until 10.30 pm. With most creches open latest until 7 pm, it used to be a real issue. I had to rush from office,” she recalls.

“However, now with the 24/7 facility, I don’t have to worry even if I’m late. Of course, the initial phase was very difficult. My daughter would be very quiet or would not talk. But later, she understood that no one is at home and now she’s completely adjusted to it. Since I also know that it is safe and comfortable, I don’t have to worry,” she adds.

Santosh Kumar, who utilises the night creche facilities for his three-year-old son, says, “This facility is really useful since many people now work night shifts. Earlier, parents had to give up their jobs but with these facilties being available, they don’t have to.”