'I'm a terrible cook'

'I'm a terrible cook'

Ace musician

'I'm a terrible cook'

Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, the lead guitarist for legendary rock band ‘Guns N’ Roses’, is one of the most humble musicians one can come across.

Not only does he make himself accessible to his fans before and after shows; prompt replies to fan mails are also his forte. In the City for a tour with Dubai-based hard rock band ‘Point Of View’, he spoke to Metrolife about returning to India for the second time in less than six months. 

“It feels so good. Everyone in the band (‘Guns N’ Roses’) is jealous. We finished playing in a big festival in New York and that same night, I went home, grabbed my suitcase and flew 14 hours to be here,” shares Ron. “The last time we were here, we walked around and bought some things at some outdoor markets that sold clothes, food and little jewellery. We just got a feel of the place and it was really nice!” he adds. 

While he performed to thousands of fans in Bhartiya City in December, this time round, the venue was much smaller. “Honestly, I like smaller shows because they’re more personal and you get to interact with everybody. In big stadiums or arenas, after a while, you start feeling separated. There’s a big barricade between you and people.

 You can’t even throw a pick to anybody because everyone’s 20 feet away!” points out Ron.

On why he is endorsing and touring with ‘Point Of View”, he says, “They’re talented, have a great work ethic and care about giving and doing something more with their music, which is what I do with my music. That makes me establish a connection there.”

Recalling how the journey with ‘Guns N’ Roses’ began, he says, “The good ol’ days are still on. The band and I started talking 10 years ago but it wasn’t until 2006 that they had a tour going. We got together in New York seven times and then just hit the roads for three months. We’ve got some shows coming up in July and I hope we will write some new stuff this summer. It’s been too long,” he adds. 

He even links his Indian connection to his love for spicy food. In fact, he even started his own line of gourmet hot sauces with CaJohns Fiery Foods’, which he says has had a great reception. “I’m a hot sauce fanatic and have loved spicy food since I was 12 and someone tricked me into eating my first hot pepper.

 I go to Indian restaurants in Manhattan where they have challenges to have the spiciest vindaloo. It’s like music — you know what you like, your taste, and when you make it, you want to share it with people. I’m a terrible cook but I love to eat,” confesses Ron. 

Does music mean more than food to him? 

“I would probably die sooner without food than without music. But I don’t think I can live without either,” he answers sincerely.

In this lifetime, he hopes to do something for the rock ‘n’ roll scene. “There are so many good bands worldwide. But if you’re not from the countries that are popular for rock music, people don’t pay as much attention.

 My idea is to start a festival that will address this problem. I don’t know when and where it will happen but it’s all in my head and I’m already talking to people,” he wraps up.