An escape from reality

An escape from reality

Colours Speak

A scene from GRaB.

Ranga Shankara has now turned its attention towards young artistes and is focusing on tapping their talents. With this in mind, an inter-collegiate theatre competition was held between Christ College and APS Arts and Science College at the Christ College recently. Both the colleges staged plays on themes revolving around comic incidents.

Students of Christ College presented the English play GRaB, which dealt with a subtle humourous plot based on primary colours — green, red and blue. Zohrab, a student of the College, has written the script for the play. He has also directed and acted in it.

The thirty-minute play speaks of different emotions attached to primary colours. It narrates the prejudices of  human mind towards the colours through a painter. The play begins with the City Commissioner asking the painter to create a painting for him using only one colour. It lands the painter in confusion. When the painter was on his way to choose the colour, red, green and blue appear before him to sell themselves. But the confused painter connects the tragic incidents of his past life to each colour and chooses none of them. Finally, the play ends up with the artist choosing black, symbolising escape from reality.

“Colours are personal and they mean different things to different people. We have attached specific emotions, say lust, violence and love, to each colour. But colours are free from emotions and prejudices. Through this play, I’ve tried to disclose the irony of human mind,” says Zohrab.

Male Nageya Hole, another play enacted by the students of APS Arts and Science College, was a full-blown comedy with some suspense.

The script of the play is written by M S Narasimha Murthy and directed by Jagadeesh, a student.

The story takes place in the drawing room of a middle-class family on a rainy night. The house belongs to an innocent couple, Vishalu and Vishwa. Two notorious criminals Chota Chetan and Jabbu Jagannath enter the house in disguise. In search of these criminals, CID officer Mohan also comes in as a tea-seller. The play succeeds to evoke laughter among the audience with its steady stream of practical jokes and pitfalls.

The artistes used the stage properly and their costumes were appropriate to the situations. The young artistes proved that they are no way lesser than professional performers. But there were not many people to watch the show.