Take care of your tresses

Take care of your tresses

Messy hair

Take care of your tresses

The monsoon is here and it’s only a matter of time before your hair starts to react to it.

Dandruff, greasy scalps and frizzy hair are the usual problems associated with it.

But follow these tips and you’ll have no reason to complain:

*  Keep the scalp clean and use good quality shampoo and conditioner every time the hair gets wet in the rain.

*  Leave-in conditioner is another option as it  helps to reduce frizz caused during the monsoons.

*  Use a wide toothed comb whenever possible.

*  Don’t tie your hair when it’s wet.

*  Avoid brushing wet hair as it tends to break easily. 

*  Let the hair dry naturally. Avoid using a dryer.

*  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water.

*  Avoid straightening or perming your hair this season.

*  If you can’t handle long, unruly locks, try out a funky, short haircut.

* Oil your hair at least once a week.