Vaania sets pool ablaze

Vaania sets pool ablaze

Karnataka lass erases two national records on second day

Karnataka’s Vaania Kapoor Achuthan put on a memorable show as she erased two national records en route to bagging two gold in the girls’ Group III category on the second day of the 30th Sub-Junior National aquatic championships here on Friday.

The ten-year-old Primus Public School student was first to touch home in the 100M breaststroke event, registering a fine timing of 1:21.96. The previous best time of 1:25.34 in the event was set by Monique Gandhi in 2010.

If that show wasn’t enough, the youngster returned to the pool for the 200M individual medley event and stormed to a gold in a time of 2:37.99, bettering Swerlyn Meghana’s time of 2:38.71 set in 2010.

Karnataka’s day only got sweeter as Sanjay CJ stole the limelight with a record-breaking performance in the boys’ Group III 50-metre freestyle event.

The swimmer, who was the sole gold medal winner for Karnataka on the opening day, upped the ante and stopped the clock in a time of 27.49 seconds for a national record. Desdeep Ghai had the previous best time to his name when he covered the same distance in a time of 27.89 in 2010.

Apart from the three gold won on the day, Karnataka swimmers added four silvers and two bronze  -- one in the diving competition -- to boost their tally.

Results: Swimming: Boys: Group III: 50M freestyle: Sanjay CJ (Kar) 27.49 seconds (NR: Old: 27.89, Desdeep Ghai, 2010) 1; KJ Visal Sabari (TN) 28:60, 2; Shiven Brahmbhatt (Guj) 28:78, 3.

100M breaststroke: Sahil Hooda (Har) 1:19:29, 1; M Mangalsana Meetei (Man) 1:22:25, 2; Varun Patel (Mah) 1:23:68, 3.

200M individual medley: Neel Roy (Mah) 2:35.69, 1; KJ Visal Sabari (TN) 2:35.31, 2; Atish Kumar (UP) 2:37.33, 3.

Group IV: 50M butterfly: Saheel Gangote (Mah) 33:04s (NR: Old: 33.45, Abhinav, 2004) 1; Raj Vinayak Relekar (Kar) 33:08 (BMR) 2; V Vinayak (TN) 34:03, 3.

4x50M medley relay: Maharashtra (Saheel Gangote, Meet Makhija, Vedant Bapna, Kapil Shetty) 2:28:62, 1; Karnataka (Shivansh Singh SN, Harsha Vardan, Prassidh Krishna, Raj Vinayak Relekar) 2:30:06, 2; Tamil Nadu (B Benedicton, Rohit V Vinayak, R Harish, V Leonard) 2:30:44, 3.

Girls: Group III: 50M freestyle: Amita Gondi (AP) 30:36s, 1; Megha Bali (Del) 31:28, 2; Nandini Pethkar (Mah) 31:29, 3

100M breaststroke: Vaania Kapoor Achuthan (Kar) 1:21.96 (NR: Old: 1:23.99, Monique Gandhi, 2010) 1; Muskaan Tolani (Mah) 1:25.34, 2; Thanuja S (Kar) 1:27:49, 3.

200M individual medley: Vaania Kapoor Achuthan (Kar) 2:37.99 (NR: Old: 2:38.71, Sherlyn Meghana, 2010) 1; Muskaan Tolani (Mah) 2:43.17, 2; Rayna Saldanha (Mah) 2:48.21, 3.
Group IV: 50M butterfly: Anya Tyagi (Mah) 34:72s, 1; Poojitha G Murthy (Kar) 35:97, 2; Kenisha Gupta (Mah) 35:99, 3.

4x50M medley relay: Maharashtra (Nishtha Agarwaal, Kenisha Gupta, Anya Tyagi, Saee Patil) 2:32:04, 1; Karnataka (Suvana C, Baskar Riddhi Juyal, Poojitha G, Murthy Khushi Dinesh) 2:34:54, 2; Assam (Reinita Gogoi, Shivangi Sharma, Uttara Gogoi, Subhalakhi Hazarika) 2:43:08, 3.

Diving: Boys: Group I: High board: Siddharth Pardeshi (SSCB) 459.35 points, 1; Gaurav Raghuvanshi (MP) 404.40, 2; M Malemnganba Meitei (SSCB) 345.65, 3.

Group II: 3M springboard: Sandip Das (SSCB) 407.60, 1; Surojit Rajbanshi (SSCB) 404.35, 2; Aalhad Vivek Chati (Goa) 309.95, 3.

Girls: Group I: High board: Swati Vidap (Mah) 293.40, 1; Genevieve Atala D'costa (Goa) 241.45, 2; Nammi Navya Theja (Kar) 200.80, 3.
Group II: 3M springboard: Simran Rajani (Mah) 260.85, 1; Bhavika Pingle (MP) 223.05, 2; Falguni Deshpande (Mah) 186.50, 3.