Reservation sought for victims of inequality

Reservation sought for victims of inequality

Probing questions: Lessons of victims in text books proposed

Awareness about the fate of sexual minorities and victims of human trafficking should be created by including lessons about them in text books, said Aravind Malagatti, professor, Kuvempu Institute of Kannada Studies, University of Mysore here on Friday.

“Instead of a revolving fund aimed at the welfare of victims, government should set aside funds for their development in every budget,” he said.

He said that the major hindrance for the upliftment of victims was the prevalence of a sense of ‘rejection’ against them in contemporary society. He was speaking at a preliminary meeting for an action plan for the reservation for sexual minorities and victims of sexual harassment, jointly organised by Network Against Trafficking-Karnataka and Odanadi Seva Samsthe.

Accusing traditional mindsets of hindering progressive measures in the region, he stressed on delivering social justice to women and transgenders who have been exploited since ages.

Mere reservation for such communities is not enough. Alternate methods, such as providing economic and educational opportunities for them, should be planned, in order to ensure their betterment, he said.

“Reservation is rendered irrelevant in a society which practices concepts of freedom and equality. However, in societies where inequality and subjugation prevails, reservation is necessary to provide social justice,” said writer Kalegowda Nagavara.
He blamed male chauvinism for gender based inequalities and atrocities. He said that such a system can be changed within the democratic set up.

Social activist, Pa Mallesh said that despite efforts towards empowering transgenders and victims of sexual exploitation, ground reality was different.

“We have to prevent the causes that results in inequalities and human trafficking,” he said.

Prioritise mothers’ name

“All applications should have a person’s mother’s name listed before the father’s name. Prioritising mother’s name in all applications will result in a change of attitude towards women in society,” he said.

While demanding reservation, one should be clear about where the reservation is sought. Reservation should be given in such a manner that it is not misused,” he said.