Exploring Japanese culture

Exploring Japanese culture

Graphic Posters

Exploring Japanese culture

Sharing the wonder of Japanese culture with the world is what Japan Foundation seems to be aiming at and this is reflected in their Graphic Posters Exhibition - II. The foundation is exhibiting their remarkable collection of posters from the 80s and 90s.

As for the art lovers in the City, here is your chance to explore the world of Japanese culture as this exhibition takes to you to that golden period when the country depicted tremendous changes in their economy.

This period, also known as the period of Bubble Economy in Japan was extremely profitable for business and is clearly reflected in the exhibited works. Moreover, it was also a period when Japan saw an increase in the awareness towards environmental problems and when globalisation had just started becoming visible, leading to the creation of a number of posters for international meetings and expositions influenced by these developments.

Various enterprises invested a lot of money on advertising and publicity which led the graphic designers to experiment a lot. This exhibition has collected works of those designers who worked closely with such developments in the society.

These posters display the works of the 15 renowned Japanese graphic designers whose aim is to show their audience glimpses of the social conditions in Japan at
that time.

The collection of 75 posters has been divided into 3 parts. The schedule for part two has already started from 10th June and will continue till 4th July whereas the schedule for part three starts from 8th July and will continue till 31st July.