Entering the medical field through alternate courses

Entering the medical field through alternate courses


Entering the medical field through alternate courses

For students who wanted to pursue a career in Medicine but could not clear through MBBS entrance, there are many courses that equip them with smart skills and specializations in the same field, writes Aakash Chaudhry

As a child, we’ve always heard people around us endorse becoming a doctor or an engineer in order to gain a respectable standing in society.  The major reasons to be a doctor are lifetime earning potential, the limited number of doctors who are credentialed annually, which implies that doctors can restrict supply and thus will always have jobs available, higher perceived social status, and a desire to help people. But there are numerous barriers against preparing one to take on the medical field. It takes a long time for doctors to make substantial money. It’s almost impossible to gauge whether you’ll actually like the profession or the process of joining that profession until you do. Most people underestimate opportunity costs, and you have to be able to help yourself before you can help other people.

Thousands of students aspiring for careers in Medicine or Engineering will vouch for courses they dreamed to pursue. For a few hundred students it is a cake walk, while thousands of them are disappointed with their low marks. A lot of students who dreamt of joining MBBS face disappointment because of their low marks, and there is absolutely no chance of reattempting the exam. The common trend noticed amongst these students is that the ones who have a strong urge of becoming a doctor but receive a low medical ranking either take up BDS or Engineering. Very few students look beyond this, but for those students who are keen to pursue a steady career in the medical field itself, there are plenty of opportunities beyond MBBS.

Being a doctor is not the only way a student can be associated with the field of medicine. They may not be able to do all the things a doctor does, but they will surely have the opportunity to work with doctors and be advisors to them, be their colleague and also be a good specialist in their own area and have their own patients.

For every student who wanted to pursue MBBS but could not do so because of low rank and still harbors a strong desire to be in the medical field, there are many courses that equip them with smart skills and specializations and also a 100% job guarantee. Instead of MBBS, the students can take up courses around biology. They have a lot of options like BSc or Bio-tech degrees, which will be really helpful for them in terms of their subject of interest, i.e. Biology. And through this platform, they may be able to build up their career as well, and then can move forward to some researches if they are willing to, after the completion of an MSc degree.
Further, one can go for PhD and get the doctorate; they can even get into specific research areas and become a scientist. In addition to BSc courses, they can also do various diploma courses and certification courses in Bioinformatics and

List of course options in Biology after Class XII, other than MBBS are the

Degree courses

* Bachelor of Science in Biology: Biological Science,  Biological Science (Honors), Respiratory Therapy, Biomedical Science, Biomedical Sciences (Honors), Biosciences (Honors), Bioinformatics, Bioinformatics (Integrated), Bioinformatics (Honors), Biochemistry, Biochemistry and Agricultural Chemistry, Biochemistry (Honors), Medical Biochemistry, Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology, Aquaculture and Fishery


* Bachelor of Science in Zoology: Zoology (Honors), Zoology and Animal Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Molecular
Biology (Honors), Botany, Botany
(Honors), Biostatistics, Environmental Science, Environmental Science (Honors), Environmental Science and Water Management, Environmental Management, Home Science, Home Science & Nutrition, Genetics, and Genetics (Honors)
* Bachelor of Veterinary Science:  Animal Genetics and Breeding, Animal Nutrition, Animal Production and Management, Veterinary Anatomy and Histology, Veterinary Microbiology, and Veterinary Medicine
* Bachelor of Technology:  Bioengineering, Bioinformatics, and Biotechnology
* Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
* Bachelor of Dental Surgery
* Bachelor of Pharmacy
* Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Diploma Courses: Bioinformatics, Applied Botany, Environment Education, Food Technology, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Human Biology, Molecular Biology, and Molecular Biotechnology

Certificate Courses: Bioinformatics, Elementary Bioinformatics, and Biotechnology

Career opportunities Aspirants, who have pursued their higher studies in Biology after Class XII, have several job opportunities in various sectors in the field of Biology and its allied fields, which would include Botanical Gardens, Horticulture, Lumber and Paper Companies, Cosmetic Companies, Medical Laboratories, Medical research, Hospitals, Colleges, and Pharmaceuticals.

And the job profiles available for these people would include forester, mycologist, plant biochemist, weed scientist, molecular biologist, plant explorer, conservationist, ecologist, florist, botanist, geneticist, forest ranger, farming consultant, biological technician, horticulturist, agricultural scientist, etc.

Remuneration will depend on the job profiles and also on the nature of work. However, graduates in the field of science are assured of an initial salary.

So it is not the end of the world if you can’t get through MBBS. A whole new vista of opportunities lies ahead of you beyond the same, so brace yourselves to conquer the field of medicine by creating your own unique identity in this reputable sector.

(The writer is the director of an educational services company)