Tagore Circle feedback

Tagore Circle feedback

Improper traffic management is the cause of the congestion at Tagore Circle. The fact that the underpass work is being carried out in such a hurried manner, without experimenting with alternative traffic management policies, indicates that there may be other motives behind carrying out this work.

The Lokayukta should suo motu verify financial backgrounds of all bureaucrats and contractors associated with such large infrastructure projects, as a prerequisite for allowing such projects to start in the first place.
A very simple solution that the authorities should first experiment with is the following.

Travelling on K R Road from City Market side towards Netkallappa circle, Narasimha Raja Colony (N R Colony), and beyond, one encounters cross roads (intersections) at three points in Basavanagudi: under the National College Flyover, at the Tagore Circle (intersecting B P Wadia Road and Bugle Rock Road), and at Netkallappa Circle (intersecting M N Krishna Rao Park road).

All that needs to be done is to install coordinated traffic lights at these three intersections so that traffic on K R  Road flows smoothly. 

The authorities need to install traffic lights at Tagore Circle and Netkallappa Circle and synchronise them with the flyover traffic signal.

Instead of trying out this simple solution, the authorities seem to have deliberately undertaken the underpass work in great haste.  Where is this daylight robbery going to end?

V Sriram