Travel and find love abroad

Travel and find love abroad

Travel and find love abroad

Nam Duniya Nam Style
Kannada (U)  ¬¬¬
Director: Preetham Gubbi
Cast: Vinayak Joshi, Likhith Shetty, Krishna Nagappa, Milana Nagaraj, Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila

Three friends. Different backgrounds and different aspirations. All united by a common goal: Unite the love of your friend’s life with him — in Malaysia, of all places!

Preetham Gubbi gives a light-hearted entertainer that doesn’t take itself too seriously — a huge plus considering the mess other ‘simple’ stories turned into. With a generous tour of the South-East Asian country captured well by Venu’s camera and some very light and pleasant music by Shaan Rehman, Preetham lets everyone sit back with a bowl of popcorn or packet of roasted masala groundnuts and enjoy the show.

With a gaggle of youngsters oozing energy, it is not hard to catch the enthusiasm after a while. Never mind Preetham leaves behind some loose ends or ties things up rather abruptly. The boys, barring Likhith, have fun while Milana is clearly the pick of the lot with a pleasant demeanour and talkative eyes to match. Kavya Shetty gets precious little to do till perhaps the climax with Soniya Gowda making no impression!

The foreign actors, including fightmaster Ong, give a good account of themselves. Supporting the gang are Sadhu Kokila, whose background score provides zest and who is not made to make a fool of himself, and Rangayana Raghu, who is way more restrained and is pleasant to watch in this film. Padmaja Rao, in the brief minutes she has onscreen, is excellent.

Preetham has also chosen his dialogue writer well, with Harsha Urs coming up with conversations that are very normal and not contrived. Deepu S Kumar’s scissors are sharp.

Nam Duniya Nam Style is an almost well-made yet irreverent film — perfect for passing the time and getting entertained without digging deep.