Errors in textbooks irks RTE task force

Errors in textbooks irks RTE task force

The Right To Education Task Force will take up the issue of errors in school textbooks with the textbook committee under the Department of State Educational Research and Training.

This was decided at a meeting held on Saturday by the member organisations of the RTE Task Force and parents.

M R Srikanth, a parent from Rajajinagar, has compiled a list of a number of errors in school textbooks, especially those of classes one and five. “I discovered simple errors in spellings like ‘life-style’ instead of ‘lifestyle’ and  others in meanings of concepts in my son’s class five textbooks. I had even noticed them in his class four textbooks,” he said.

Srikanth will submit this list to the RTE Task Force shortly for the matter to be taken forward.
In addition to this, the task force will also take up the issue of fees in schools and will persuade the education department, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) and the Karnataka Commission for the Protection of Child Rights to hold a fresh round of talks on the same.
Referring to the seminar conducted recently on the issue as directed by the Karnataka High Court, Nagasimha G Rao, convener, RTE Task Force, said, “The talks on fees last time were a total failure as the main parties who are concerned with the issue walked out,” he said.

The Task Force also decided to try and curb corporal punishment in schools by consulting the various school teachers’ associations and will extending their help on the issue to them.
“We will ask the teachers to follow the NCPCR guidelines and methodology while dealing with children in schools,” he said.