Minor has near-death experience

Minor has near-death experience

A fun trip to Kedarnath turned out to be a nightmare for nine-year-old Shivani, whose young mind has been scarred by a near-death experience and the loss of her uncle and aunt in the Uttarakhand calamity.

Shivani, along with her uncle Ramesh Chand Gupta and his wife, Geeta, had gone on a Kedarnath trip. Shivani‘s father, Shankar Gupta, said he had talked to Ramesh Chand, his elder brother, over the phone on the night of June 15. After that, Ramesh lost contact with them.

Shivani, who is still under trauma, said here that on June 16 she was separated from her uncle and aunt after a heavy downpour.

Her father said that he tried his best to contact them but in vain.

Later, on June 21, a lawyer from Gwalior called him saying that Shivani was with him.
“Mritunjaya Thakur, a lawyer by profession, said he had rescued Shivani while she was stuck in the flood on June 17,” said Shankar.

“Thakur told us that Shivani had sustained a fracture on her leg and was in trauma as he took her to Gwalior for further treatment,” said Shankar.
Shivani told the lawyer that she was from the Kalyanpur area of Kanpur. However, she did not remember the phone number of her house.

Thakur managed to get the contact number of her father. On June 21, Shivani’s parents
came to Gwalior and took her home.

However, the whereabouts of Shivani’s uncle and aunt are still not known.