AP gives security to girl child

AP gives security to girl child

The Andhra Pradesh Government has taken the lead to provide security to girl child from birth till the age of 21 years under a scheme titled Bangaru Thalli (Golden girl child) to benefit nearly 1.5 crore BPL card holders in the state.

The controversial girl child scheme was relaunched by Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy on Tuesday at a public meeting. He launched the scheme on May 1 but its implementation was stalled.

Following the opposition from his own cabinet, the chief minister constituted a sub-committee to study the scheme and it was not only ratified by the Cabinet but also made into a law in the last budget session in the state Assembly within a fortnight. Addressing the crowd, the chief minister said 20,000 women have been registered so far under the scheme which opened on Monday.

The AP Girl Child Promotion and Empowerment Act, 2013, provides financial protection to the family of the girl child in a phased manner.

As per the scheme the state government gives Rs 1,000 every month to every pregnant woman the moment she conceives till she delivers. If she gives birth to a baby girl, Rs 2,500 will be deposited into her account. Rs 1,500 will be given every year to the family through Anganwadis till the baby attains the age of five years.

At the time of admission to the school, Rs 1,000 will be deposited into the account, Rs 2,000 will be given every year for her studies from the first to the fifth standard, and Rs 2,500 from sixth to eighth standard, Rs 3,000 for ninth and tenth standard. For the girl’s study of Intermediate, she will be given Rs 3,500 each year and Rs 4,000 a year during her graduation.

The scheme will be applicable to about 1.5 crore BPL card holders in the state irrespective of three other girl child schemes the beneficiary may be enjoying.