Geared up for the right exposure

Geared up for the right exposure

Optimistic Outlook

Geared up for the right exposure

For the students of Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, college life is a hectic but an enjoyable learning experience.

It is therefore no surprise that the new batch joining the college is nervous despite the obvious excitement at starting a fresh chapter of their life. The students speak to Metrolife about the orientation, first day and expectations from the college.

At the orientation programme, the idea was to create a sense of oneness among newly-joined students. The management, faculty and other staff members gave a warm welcome to the new students, introducing themselves and in turn, found out about each student’s aspirations and areas of interest.

Subject experts spoke about the course and gave brief introductions of the syllabus. Principal S Devraj explained the rules and regulations, mission and vision of the college. “The orientation is our way of making sure that the students who are new to the college are familiar with each and every aspect of the college. I’m looking forward to interacting with them and helping them prepare for the industry,” says the principal.

The students say that they are confident that the course will help them in the future. Shirley P Nelson, who is pursuing her one-year diploma in fashion designing, says, “The reason I opted for this college is that it’s one of the most famous institutes for fashion designing in Bangalore.

I also know some people who have studied here and are doing well in life. Besides, it’s quite close to my house.” She adds, “I’m a creative person and already have my own design studio. I will use this year to brush up my skills and become an expert in the field of design. More so, the exposure to the industry and the contacts I can make here will help me.”

Her peer Hema Nayak is just as excited, if not more, about the things she will learn in the year to come. “I got to know about the college when I walked past it while doing my degree. I did some research and found out about the short diploma course offered here, which is perfect for me because I am doing a lot of things outside the college as well. I am doing a singing course as well and the timings here allow me to do both,” she says. “The syllabus is good here and over two semesters, a lot of ground is covered in the field of fashion.

I don’t know if I’ll be a designer later but the knowledge can always be used across different fields,” elaborates Hema. Namrutha KS, a fresher, has already made a lot of friends in the college. “People are friendly and teachers are helpful here. I wanted to study accessory designing, which is part of the course here. I think it will help me in my dream of opening my own boutique,” says the aspiring designer.

For Muhammed Shahid Anzali, the course in interior designing will hopefully sharpen his skills. “I’ve been designing professionally for a while but I hope that this college improves my creativity. It’s very professional in its approach to things and gives a balance of theoretical and practical knowledge,” he notes.