Man swims across floodwater for pregnant wife

Man swims across floodwater for pregnant wife

A man in a Chinese city swam across a flooded river to bring a hot meal for his five-month pregnant wife after she got trapped in their house.

The incident occurred late Monday in Chongqing city when Yin Yong noticed late at night that his two-storey building was surrounded by floodwaters, People's Daily reported Thursday. 

By the time the couple decided to escape, it was already too deep for the wife to swim through.

The water later even inundated their kitchen, making it impossible for Yin to cook for his wife. Seeing that there was no chance of the waters receding, Yin decided to swim across the swollen river in search of hot food for his wife.

It took Yin half an hour to swim 500 metres and reach the opposite side, where he finally found some hot rice and salted vegetables at a friend's home. Then he swam back across the flooded river and reached his wife.

Rescuers rescued the couple in the morning.

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