Enhance your looks with high bun

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Enhance your looks with high bun

One of the hottest hair trends these days is the high bun. Being the latest fad in the international fashion shows, the style has become a huge hit among celebrities and fashion lovers in India too. It’s no surprise as it has been in trend over the years because it is flattering to every face shape, elegant in look and above all an easy hairstyle to carry.

“Fashion is always repetitive in itself and so is the high bun,” says hair stylist Samantha Kochhar. “High buns or bouffants were never out of fashion. A little bit of experimentation each time makes it popular. Like four years back, front buffoons was the fad. Now, high and messy buns are popular,” she says.

Truly, if they are buns are messy they are fun and if not then they are stylised and polished. But does this goes well with every face cut? “A high bun enhances your neck. Irrespective of any kind of face cut, bun gives you a chance to make your eye make-up more dramatic. You can play around with coloured eye-shadows. If the bun is messy sultry smoky eye make-up will give a totally different look altogether,” says Samantha.

Accessories too can highlight the beauty of the bun.  Like one can go for ribbon with bow on top or huge clips around the bun. “A bun in itself is so elegant that a lot accessory is not required but still there is always a chance of experimentation,” says Samantha.

No matter, bun looks good on all face cuts but for the ultimate and the best bun, stylist suggests that hair length should be beyond shoulders.  “Basically bun gives the neck a clean look so for that hair length has to be little beyond shoulder. So, even if we are using some kind of stuffing the bun looks perfect,” says the hair stylist.

However, the troublesome part is to  manage the bun for long hours. Going by the suggestion made by experts, it is difficult to maintain bun during summers. It can be kept intact only by doing lesser back brushing and properly locking the stuffing and hair. Also, opt some good quality hair spray that sticks the hair properly.

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