Hang it, dangle it, or simply stud it!

Hang it, dangle it, or simply stud it!


Hang it, dangle it, or simply stud it!

Whether you are the type who loves jhumkas or the one who sticks to small earrings, you cannot ignore the lure of the fashionable studs flooding the market, writes Meera Seshadri

In the realm of fashion accessories, among the myriad earring varieties, the crafting of cool and chic chandeliers has indeed come down as bliss to fashion conscious women. Today jhumkas are available in myriad mind-scrambling designs and varieties. There are those ultra small jhumkas, some 4-5 of them, hanging one below the other in a straight row.

There are twin jhumkas too, suspended on a single thread-thin short chain, which on wearing start dangling, one from the front and the other at the back of your ear, on either side. If you are a fashion maverick, there are those quirky-patterned massive jhumkas, giving a tad outlandish look. There are those flamboyantly coloured enameled jhumkas too.

If you feel these types look a tad rakish, then you could just opt for those traditional ones, both smaller versions and bigger ones, which have that ethnic flair. Team your ear-studs with stunning jhumkas, which have the sublime charm intertwined in them. In fact, an exquisite pair of jhumkas escalate the beauty of your ear-studs, giving you that desi charm.

However, there are some ladies who aren’t a game for these long, shoulder-grazing earrings, for two reasons: one is that, some of them may not be able to carry off these ornate earrings, which have a whit of razzle-dazzle elements integrated in them. Two is that a few women, especially the self-effacing kind, don’t like drawing attention to themselves with these dazzling chandeliers. Now, if you are one among these women, you are surely sport for the sober looking shiny gold ear-studs, right? Well, the good news is that, there are three impressive ways of transforming these staid looking gold ear-studs into the stunning beauties, without making them too flashy.
Studding up your ears:

*  Wear your ear-studs with pairs of detachable, gold ‘accompaniment-pieces’, which are available in all gold jewellery showrooms, as also in street-side small gold jewellery shops. These separable gold pieces are generally semi-circular in shape, with small round space at the centre, through which the ear-stud rod could be slid through. The peripheral region of this semi-circular accompaniment pieces are studded with precious gems, which bestows delectable look to even dull-looking ear-studs.
*  Instead of semi-circular, you can even opt for separable full-circular gold pieces too, which have similar tiny open space in the centre, for the ear-stud rod to slither through. Here, the whole circumferential area is dotted with precious stones such as rubies, emeralds, zircons, etc...

* Now, if you have say, six pairs of gold ear-studs, and purchase some 3-4 pairs of these gold accompaniment pieces, then each time you wear a pair of ear-studs, you can work out different permutations and combinations, by combining gold ear-studs with different accompaniment pieces, thus bringing out a spectacular look every time! Note, you also get detachable gold ear-danglers too, which look splendid with suitable ear-studs.

*  Club your ear-stud with cool ‘maatis’. Now-a-days exquisite maati designs are flooding the market; you will see them displayed in all sorts of jewellery outlets. You have those net-surfaced stubby maatis, matte-surfaced maatis, and patina-surfaced shiny
ones. You also have thread-thin, single-layered and multiple-layered maatis. Not to discount, those maatis that are embellished with teeny trinkets, ghungroos, and clusters of small pearls or beads, all tastefully clamped.

*  Highlight your ear-studs by wearing cute multiple earrings adjacent to them. Which means, you should have pierced your ears at two or more places, other than the usual ear-piercing area. But one caveat here. If you are wearing multiple earrings, see that only the main stud or earring looks more magnificent and striking, while keeping the rest relatively simple.

Whether you like them long or short or even just a studded dot, earrings are making outright fashion statements this season. So just have fun studding and decking up your ears.   

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