Poor facilities disappoint visitors to Agumbe, Hulikal

Poor facilities disappoint visitors to Agumbe, Hulikal

Poor facilities disappoint visitors to Agumbe, Hulikal

Dense forest, mist, breathtaking sights, awesome sunset and torrential downpour sum up the beauty of Agumbe, popularly known as Cherrapunji of south India, in Theerthahalli taluk of the district.

Though Hulikal in Hosanagar taluk has been receiving more rainfall than Agumbe in the last 10 years, the latter continues to be a paradise for nature lovers. However, lack of tourist facilities at Agumbe and Hulikal is preventing visitors from staying at these picturesque spots.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Raghavendra, a resident of Agumbe, said the absence of good restaurants does not encourage tourists to stay here. As a result, people make a brief halt here to enjoy the beauty of nature and, resume their journey either to Udupi or Theerthahalli, which is 30 km from Agumbe.

Generally, foreigners visit Agumbe between January and May. Though private entrepreneurs have constructed lodges in this hamlet situated on Shimoga-Udupi border, there is no accommodation facility that is suitable for foreign tourists. There were attempts to run a resort in this place a few years ago.

A building was also constructed. However, it did not take off as environmentalists opposed the idea of generating revenue by setting up a commercial venture at the cost of green forests. Besides a private lodges, there is an inspection bungalow which is meant for VIPs. Tourists can hire rooms provided there is no scheduled visit of VIPs.

Monsoon tourism

Tourists to Agumbe can enjoy the thick woods, beautiful falls such as Abbi, Jogi gundi, Barkana, Koodlu Theertha, rare medicinal plants and, experience fresh air throughout the year.

The water falls return to their glory during the rainy season. This is also the habitat of king cobra.

Though the place is known for beautiful sunset, tourists can’t enjoy it during the rainy season due to clouds.

Similarly, Hulikal is also one of the picturesque spots in the Western Ghats region. It is a heaven for nature lovers during the monsoon.

It rains throughout the day without a break. But, lack of basic facilities such as a hotel have discouraged tourists. Hulikal is situated 100 km from Shimoga and 60 km from Agumbe.

Both, the places have potential to emerge as centres of monsoon tourism in the State if the Tourism department takes up the initiative.